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omorphi.dita 20th July 2018 11:09

gosip artis luar negeri?
halo geng, guys.
mau buka subforum gosip artis luar negeri nih. sebelumnya gue udah share beberapa di forum sebelah tapi salah alamat. yuk kita ramein subforum ini. :thumbsup1:

take this info w/ grain of salt ya.

omorphi.dita 20th July 2018 11:19

tulisan di subforum ini gue copas tulisan gue di forum sebelah ya. karena males nulis lagi tapi gue rapihin dikit beberapa deh, biar gampang dibaca.


drinking habid, weed, cocaine, bad PR relationship

doi gak ngebul aja mak, tapi ganja dan cocaine juga.
gue ngutip dari forum gosip international :
"She came in for a meeting (not an audition). The meeting was less than an hour long, but she excused herself THREE TIMES during it to got to the bathroom. She said it was because her stomach was upset, but she came back sniffing and wired each time. We passed."

"Our famous young performer loves to pretend that she goes to rehab for one thing when she is really there for another."

dan kejadian ini setelah dia dapat ginjal baru, agak sedih juga dia udah dapet ginjal masih lanjut coke, cocaine, drink and smoke.

kutipan kedua :
Multiple medical professionals contacted us about the plight of one particular celebrity who is in the news.

They all said almost exactly the same thing. Here is one example:

I work as a [medical professional] in the emergency room at [hospital] in [city].

Whenever a patient comes in with renal failure and they say they have an autoimmune disease, the first thing we ask is Do you use narcotics? When we hear Cocaine” or Heroin”, it's like, Bingo!€

As soon as someone told me about [Celebrity], the first thing I asked was is she a cokehead?

We already know that cocaine or heroin can directly cause renal disease/renal failure. However, most people don't know that cocaine or heroin use can cause, trigger, or severely exacerbate an autoimmune disease which THEN results in renal disease/renal failure.

[Long explanation]

The cocaine/renal failure connection is huge. Did you know that a third of all emergency room visits by cocaine users are because they are experiencing renal failure?

Basically, cocaine use ->renal failure AND cocaine use -> autoimmune disease -> renal failure.

Most people know that smoking often causes lung disease. Most people know that alcohol often causes liver disease. Please warn your readers that cocaine use often causes kidney disease and kidney failure!

dari kutipan kedua bisa disimpulkan kalau salah satu penyebab selena harus butuh pergantian organ juga disebabkan karena drugs.

kutipan ke 3 :

If a celebrity dumps their agent or manager or publicist before securing a new one, it’s almost always because something has gone seriously wrong. In the case of this young star, there are so many things going wrong concurrently that it’s hard to single out just one thing.

She used to try to hide her bad behavior. Now she is doing everything more openly and defiantly. She swigs vodka and does lines of coke in front of the same people who tried to get her into rehab. She is getting drunk and doing coke every day. She brags about having unprotected sex with her famous boyfriend. She is avoiding her family. She is spending money like crazy.
Everyone (including some celebrity friends) who seriously tried to stop her or help her has gotten the boot. Her managers were the absolute last line of defense.

dari kutipan 3 yang kita tau selena baru aja mecat managernya yang juga ibunya sendiri, dan dia juga di baru2 ini rehab.

omorphi.dita 20th July 2018 11:20


mulai dari gigi hadid dulu ya.
masih inget kan gigi bilang dia lagi rutin rehab buat pengobatan hashimoto di awal feb?
tiba2 semua media ngeberitain ttg penyakit ini.
gue sendiri kalau baca di forum sumber ini, banyak yang bilang hashimoto itu ga seperti yang dia jabarin.
Just overall how she explained it was really odd. dia bilang dia butuh rehab hashimoto di saat BB dia lg turun drastis, padahal simtom hashimoto ini ga tiba2 turun BB, dan ternyata itu cover buat dia rehab drug sebenernya.

take this w/ grain of salt

Right now, a young female celebrity is feeding you one of these health stories. Of course, she chose an ongoing and chronic “health issue” so she can recycle it repeatedly if need be. She learned this from another family member.

What’s really going on? She’s a drug addict. She needs to go to rehab. If the press catches her when she does go, she will say that it is for one of those sympathy-producing health issues and she was merely trying to get help quietly without worrying her fans.

Her fans will laud her for quietly taking care of her “health issue.”

You’ll know better.

omorphi.dita 20th July 2018 11:21


zayn itu emang udah terkenal dengan drugs ya.
di akhir2 dia maish gaung 1D, dia pernah bikin video ketahuan ngeganja bareng si louise.
baca disini
jadi ya kita tau lah ya berati ni 2 orang fix ngedrugs.
nah yang jadi fokus permasalahan di akhir si zayn jadi member 1d berat badannya turun drastis.

take this w/ grain of salt (walaupun gue yakin ini fix banget dia dr abis keluar 1d itu kesehatannya awut2an gara2 ngedrugs)

Of course this singer is lying about why he can’t show up for work! He’s lied about it for years!

It’s drugs.

Yes, the same drugs that got him FIRED from his group gig are now interfering with his solo gig.

Of course he has a completely different excuse at the ready so people feel sorry for him. The fans will buy it. But everyone who knows him (including his former colleagues) knows the truth.

It’s drugs.

omorphi.dita 20th July 2018 11:22

kalau ada yang mau request mungkin bisa comment dibawah jadi forumnya makin rame juga

nativetiger 23rd July 2018 23:16

Johnny depp dooong

omorphi.dita 25th July 2018 09:36

gue up lagi ya.
demi lovato overdosis drugs dan minuman.
sekarang lagi dirumah sakit dan kondisi katanya stabil.
sedih juga denger ini walaupun udah biasa aja dengernya karena source yang gue baca demi emang ga pernah "bersih" dari narkoba walaupun dia ngaku ke publik udah stay clean 6 tahun.
berita demi overdosis bisa dibaca disini

dan ini runtutan kronologi dari TMZ

1:48 PM PT — Paramedics found Demi unconscious when they arrived at her home.

1:28 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us Demi was treated with Narcan — an emergency treatment for narcotic overdoses — at her home. We’ve confirmed the OD occurred at her house in the Hollywood Hills.

Demi was out Monday night celebrating a friend’s birthday in West Hollywood, and we’re told she posted photos on her private Instagram of herself and others in the group. She seemed happy in the pics.

Demi Lovato was rushed to an L.A. hospital after suffering what appears to be a heroin overdose … law enforcement tells TMZ.

Our sources say Demi was transported by ambulance from a home in the Hollywood Hills just before noon Tuesday, and is currently being treated. We do not know her condition.

Demi has fought substance abuse for years … at one point she lived in a sober living home after getting released from a treatment center. She had been 6 years sober from alcohol, cocaine and Oxycontin.

Last month she released a song called “Sober” where she revealed she had fallen off the wagon.

omorphi.dita 10th August 2018 11:26

gue tambah2in lagi ya. kalai ini ttg jacki chan.
jackie chan yang selama ini dipuja puji ternayata kelakuannya pun sebenernya problematic.

1. dia gak mensuport anaknya secara finansial atau hadir dikehidupan akanya. akhirnya ibu dari anak tersebut jadi punya sifat tempramental dan suka mukul2in anaknya. sampai2 anaknya harus ngelaporin ibunya sendiri kepolisi karena sifat abusif.
2. Terkenal di kalangan Hong Kong dan China untuk casting esekeseknya. Banyak laporan tentang dia mabok dengan aktris dan model muda dan berhubungan seks dengan mereka. Semua saat dia sudah/masih menikah. Sudah diketahui secara luas bahwa jika aktris cewe kalau ingin di casting di salah satu filmnya, aktris tsb harus berhubungan intim ama si jackie
3. Adalah ayah yang sangat kasar kepada ank2nya dan dilaporkan kasar kepada putranya yang bernama Jaycee. Berbicara tentang meninju wajahnya sebagai bentuk disiplin.
4. Mabuk, melompat di atas panggung untuk mengganggu konser dan kemudian berteriak senonoh di kerumunan

miraiocha 22nd August 2018 15:54


Originally Posted by omorphi.dita (Post 38510188)
kalau ada yang mau request mungkin bisa comment dibawah jadi forumnya makin rame juga

Kalo bebe rexha gimana?

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