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JulyLim 11th April 2011 22:46

mobil sedan termahal di dunia
Maybach Landaulet – 1,4 million dollars
kecepatan maximum 440km/h


JulyLim 11th April 2011 22:54

Mobil tercepat di dunia
The SSC Ultimate Aero American-built mid-engine supercar by Shelby SuperCars - made in USA

0-60 in 2.7 secs. Twin-Turbo V8


NoviJulia 12th April 2011 00:18

Ceo cars




NoviJulia 12th April 2011 00:31

Fastest japanese car
NISSAN GTR - 0 - 60 MPH IN 2.9 SEC


0.2 SEC SLOWER THAN "SSC Ultimate Aero"

NoviJulia 12th April 2011 00:38

World most expensive handbag
The "1001 Nights Diamond Purse" by House of Mouawad is covered in diamonds. Cost? $3.8 million

NoviJulia 12th April 2011 00:44

World's most expensive leather handbag
Chanel Diamond Forever Classic



TirtaDanu 12th April 2011 00:56

Perempuan terkaya di dunia
No1 dan No2 perempuan terkaya di dunia adalah

"ibu dan anak"

Helen Robson Kemper Walton sang "Ibu" - pendiri Wal Mart supermaket
nilai asset US$18 Miliyar

Alice L. Walton "anak" - Lulusan "Trinity University" amerika
nilai asset US$18 Miliyar

Nomer 3 adalah Liliane Bettencourt
anak dari pemilik perusahaan L'Oreal, perusahaan kosmetik.
nilai asset US$17 Miliyar

NB: 18 Milliar itu 2x lebih banyak dari orang terkaya di Asia Tenggara (Robert Kwok Bos Shangrilla Hotel)

TirtaDanu 12th April 2011 01:13

how to tell a good quality leather bag?
Let's talk about grades of leather. There are 3 primary grades of leather:

Grade 1 or “full-Grain” clear, supple, and clean, is consistent in color, has the highest yield of over 90% and the surface is smoothest.
(Warna cerah meskipun di lap pakai kain basah)

Grade 2 is less consistent in color, has a yield of 78% and the surface is slightly imperfect.
(warna tampak depan, samping atas, bawah rata, tidak ada gradasi, sama tanpa ada yang belang belang)

Grade 3 is a blotchy and very inconsistent in color, has a yield of 40% and the surface is very imperfect and will feel stiff, partly from the excessive coating needed to hide imperfections.
(touch smooth, atas, bawah, samping, semua smooth (seperti kapas), tidak ada yang keras, tambelan, menonjol atau mencekung)


terakhir minta contoh kulitnya, dibakar sedikit, kulit asli kena api tidak lumer. kulit imitasi kena panas langsung mencair.

JulyLim 12th April 2011 07:18

Prof Matematika Termuda
Katerina Aifantis She passed her Bachelor degree at 19, Michigan Tech
and was awarded a PhD in natural sciences and mathematics at the age of 21
University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

JulyLim 12th April 2011 07:29

Sarjana S-2 temuda di dunia
Siapa bilang anak umur 12 tahun itu harus di S.D. atau SMP saja?

Tathagat Avatar Tulsi from India (Umur 12 tahun Master of Science)
He completed high school at the age of 9, earned a B.Sc. at the age of 10 and a M.Sc. at the age of 12 from Patna Science College (Patna University). In August 2009, he got his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore at the age of 21.[1] In 2010, he was offered a position as Assistant Professor on contract (a non-permanent teaching position for fresh PhD graduates) at IIT Bombay.[2][3][4] Various Indian newspapers claimed that this made him the youngest faculty member ever at an IIT.

Michael Kevin Kearney from USA
(14 tahun Master in Bio Chemistry)
(17 tahun Master Degree in Bio Science)

He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a master's degree in biochemistry at the age of 14. His 118-page thesis is entitled "Kinetic Isotope Effects of Thymidine Phosphorylase". His research focused on the kinetics of an glycosyltransferase involved in nucleotide synthesis. For a while, he was the world's youngest postgraduate and the holder of several Guinness world records, but the master's degree record was broken by Tathagat Avatar Tulsi.

Michael taught at Vanderbilt University also in Tennessee at 16. He received a second Master's degree in Computer Science from Vanderbilt when he was 17.

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