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Subudai 12th July 2008 16:32

Red Cliff

Red Cliff (Chinese: 赤壁; pinyin: Chb), alternatively known as The Battle of Red Cliff, is a Chinese epic film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs and events during the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China. The film is expected to be released in two versions: within Asia, Red Cliff is to be released in two parts totaling over four hours in length, with the first part premiering in July 2008 and the second in January 2009. Outside of Asia, a single 2 hour film will be released in January 2009.

The film is directed by John Woo and stars Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Fengyi, Chang Chen, Hu Jun, Lin Chi-ling and Zhao Wei. With an estimated budget of US$80 million, The Battle of Red Cliff is the most expensive Asian-financed film to date.

This film is one of the two 2008 Three Kingdoms related films, the other being Daniel Lee's Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon which has already been released.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Zhou Yu
Takeshi Kaneshiro as Zhuge Liang
Zhang Fengyi as Cao Cao
Chang Chen as Sun Quan
Zhao Wei as Sun Shangxiang
Hu Jun as Zhao Yun
Lin Chi-ling as Xiao Qiao
Nakamura Shido as Gan Xing(甘興) (based on Gan Ning)
You Yong as Liu Bei

Mo diputar midnight ntar di Jogja...sayang gak bisa nonton...
ada yg udah?...ditunggu reviewnya...:sunny:

Subudai 12th July 2008 17:45


War epic "Red Cliff" declares opening victory in Asian market 2008-07-12 10:39:02 Print

BEIJING, July 12 (Xinhua) -- "Red Cliff", reportedly Asia's most expensive ever film, gained 27 million yuan (3.91 million U.S. dollars) of box office on its first-day release, setting the highest record among homemade movies.

The first of this two-part epic motion, adapted from China's classic historic fiction Romance of the Three Kingdoms, hit cinemas in Asia on July 10.

Its first-day box office was the highest among all movies released in the mainland so far this year and higher than last year's Hollywood blockbuster Transformers whose first-day box office was 22.41 million yuan.

Weng Li, spokesman of the China Film Group Corporation, the movie's main investor, said that the group was confident of its box office later on.

"The romantic epic fits in the taste of audience of all ages and the upcoming summer vacation will bring more people to the cinema. I believe more records will be set," he said.

On its first day release, the movie also gained 17 million New Taiwan dollars in Taiwan and 2 million HK dollars in Hong Kong.

The movie directed by Hollywood-based Hong Kong director John Woo has several leading Asian stars in its cast, including award-winning Hong Kong actor Tony Leung, Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling, Taiwanese-Japanese heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro and mainland's leading actor Zhang Fengyi.

It attracted public attention for the 80-million-US-dollar investment, said to be the most expensive of all Asian movies.

The movie revolves around the epic Battle of Red Cliffs in 208 AD in China's Three Kingdoms period. It was a famous military case of the weak winning the strong, in which a 50,000-strong allied forces of the southern warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan defeated the powerful 800,000 troops of the northern warlord Cao Cao.

The biggest scenes in the movie involved 2,000 actors and crew, and a large amount of special effects were used, according to earlier media reports.

The movie's second episode is set to be released in December. By then, a condensed version covering both episodes will also be released outside of Asia.

Subudai 12th July 2008 17:48

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Subudai 12th July 2008 17:50

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Subudai 12th July 2008 17:51

PiRlomAniAc 12th July 2008 23:45

knapa musti midnite...??:getok:

hari kerja mana bisa nonton neh...

masa gw tunggu 3 tahun gak ngeliat premierenya...:bigcry:

embah-dukun 13th July 2008 03:34

udah banyak nih adaptasi three kingdoms
tapi yg ini kayaknya lebih keren daripada versinya andy lau kemaren yg biasa2 aja.....:thumbsdown:

tapi kalo dipecah jadi 2 panjang bener tuh....asal perangnya puas sih ngga masalah....kalo ngga bisa nguantuk...:sleeping:

abang gw jadi zhuge liang....:lol:

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