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Dear SBY my President,

I hope You dont mind that I wrote this letter in English, afterall You did said that you love the United State of America with all its fault and considered your second country. So here it is, I wrote it in your second country language.

First of all I must said, It must be an unenviable job to be the President of the Republic of Indonesia. I mean : common who want the job anyway?, taking all the heat must be exhausting for you. Who ever thanks the President for anything, especially when matters seem to head in a different direction than the one intended?. This is your Presidency , everyone knows this. Well not everyone, your political opponent maybe a little bit unagreed but who ****in cares about their oppinion (pardon my french).

So what your problem?, You had legitimacy as a President who voted by “rakyat” Indonesia. Your political party (demokrat) also win the ellection, as your supporter said “Kemenangan Mutlak”. But why you still hasitated to rule, allways taken ill advice from your “wormtounge” advicer and considered your political opponent as a potential partners?. Common now, just blammed them for all the bad thing that happens to Indonesia . Accuse your opponents as Bakrie wannabe's, terrorist sympathisers, bigots, religious hypocrites, political rogues, liars and maligners all - that it is their mentality that impedes nation building and prosperity in Indonesia. That it is their diabolical mentality that has repeatedly wrought unspeakable tribulations upon the” rakyat”. That it is not your previous (and now) appointment as President that caused earthquakes, tsunami, mudflows, floods, landslides and the volcanoes to erupt. On the contrary it was their ****** collective mentality that caused nature to belch. I am sure that Mr. Gore will gladly support you and declare that it was all the hot air from your opponents that is the cause of Indonesian climate change and calamities.

Mr.President I did’nt voted you, but for better or worse You still are President who voted by the people of Indonesia. Please be our real President, proved to us that Indonesia is your First Country to rule.

Your sincerely,

People from your 1’st Country