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jika saya ketemu dgn soo hyun oppa...

honestly...if it wiil totally happen..
maybe i would be speechless -_-
then the first thing i do, i am gonna slap my own face, why? cuz to find out,
if its hurt..that its mean what i see is real, not a dream \\^_^//
(cuz to see you with my own eyes, is like a dream comes true)

AND QUESTION that i would like to ask is..

if someday in the future, you'll meet a girl that you really love.
and you know that you will never meet someone as perfect as her.
and you dating her.

then, something happened,
and you must pick,"what would you've prefer, oppa?"
a) oppa kehilangan semua fans d sluruh dunia, or
b) oppa ditinggal pacar, (a girlfriend that you've loved so much)


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