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zayn itu emang udah terkenal dengan drugs ya.
di akhir2 dia maish gaung 1D, dia pernah bikin video ketahuan ngeganja bareng si louise.
baca disini
jadi ya kita tau lah ya berati ni 2 orang fix ngedrugs.
nah yang jadi fokus permasalahan di akhir si zayn jadi member 1d berat badannya turun drastis.

take this w/ grain of salt (walaupun gue yakin ini fix banget dia dr abis keluar 1d itu kesehatannya awut2an gara2 ngedrugs)

Of course this singer is lying about why he can’t show up for work! He’s lied about it for years!

It’s drugs.

Yes, the same drugs that got him FIRED from his group gig are now interfering with his solo gig.

Of course he has a completely different excuse at the ready so people feel sorry for him. The fans will buy it. But everyone who knows him (including his former colleagues) knows the truth.

It’s drugs.
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