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risva 3rd November 2008 17:33


Originally Posted by cacing (Post 5073494)
jadi inget katanya kalo idung gede banyak rejeki :lol:
kayak dulu ada mentri yang idungnya gede :lol:

bukannya klo idung gede ngisep freonnya keceng tuh... bisa2 sesek napas klo di sampingnya dia :lol:

Dik_Re 3rd November 2008 17:34


Originally Posted by ice_berg (Post 5073410)
ngga ah rada aneh mukanya...hidungnya gede + bibirnya rada dower....

emberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........wkekekekk ekeke....facenya beda ma sodaranya ya...

Amanda_mandy 3rd November 2008 17:38

hah?? si mano pinot ini masi 16 thn? masa sih? kok gaya foto2nya kaya udah 25-an?
pencerahan dong... kaget aja gt, udah nikah lg

HuLay 3rd November 2008 18:17

masa sih msh 16? tp mukany mirip ce 20an thn :sweatdrop:
cantik y :vanish:

HuLay 3rd November 2008 18:17

There might be many teenagers out there that show their fondness of splurging on indulgences, but few would show their fondness of compassionately caring and helping for others. The young Manohara Pinot has just adopted two children - one with special needs - to be taken care of at her house. With Indonesian and French descent, she calls Cannes her home and Jakarta her ‘new’ home.

She started her love for fashion at an early age. She loves Roberto Cavalli dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes, Birkin bags, Audemars Piguet and Roger Dubuis watches just to name a few. A close source said that Manohara is exteremely down-to-earth, unlike any other women you see toting Birkins on Louboutin heels, “She is beautiful, outside and inside,” added our source.

Besides preparing to enroll in public relations major at a university in Jakarta, this soft-spoken young lady enjoys painting and writing in her free time. With beauty and grace that resemble Marella Agnelli, combined with such an impeccable manner, Manohara always looks effortlessly elegant and stunning.

rindualam 3rd November 2008 18:18


Originally Posted by Amanda_mandy (Post 5073686)
hah?? si mano pinot ini masi 16 thn? masa sih? kok gaya foto2nya kaya udah 25-an?
pencerahan dong... kaget aja gt, udah nikah lg

so anybody who happen to know her.. or happen to be around her circle of friends.. share the same clique.. do intervene:lol::lol:

HuLay 3rd November 2008 18:18

viku41 3rd November 2008 18:20

mau poto yang bareng suaminya dunks....

HuLay 3rd November 2008 18:21

rindualam 3rd November 2008 18:26

ada yang punya foto-foto kawinannya dengan kelantan prince itu ? minta duunk:bigcry:

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