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Default 20th Century Boys: Chapter Two - The Last Hope [2009]

Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Writer: Naoki Urasawa (manga), Yasushi Fukuda
Producer: Nobuyuki Iinuma


This second film picks up directly following the end of the first, with Kenji having seemingly perished in the bomb that Friend set up as a trap. The year is now 2015, and Friend has essentially become an ally to the world, and is considered to be the man that saved the Earth from the Kenji terrorists. Enter Kenji’s niece, Kanna (played by relative newcomer, Airi Taira). Still holding onto Kenji’s hat that he passed onto her before confronting the robot on the Bloody New Years Eve, she continues the fight against Friend that all of Kenji’s allies seem to have given up on. Yukiji (still played by Takako Tokiwa), tries to watch over Kanna in place of Kenji, but is finding it increasingly difficult to keep her safe when Kanna holds the same rebellious and just mind as her uncle. Meanwhile, incarcerated since the events of that New Years Eve, Otcho (the returning Etsushi Toyokawa), breaks out of prison with a fellow prisoner, and heads out to go find Kanna after discovering that she’s been targeted for assassination by Friend’s organization.
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